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Last updated 11/7/2023 at 1:22pm

I just don’t get those self-driving cars. I, myself, love to drive and can’t imagine the fun of sitting in the driver’s seat with “somebody” else making the decisions, and steering, and pedaling.

Talking cars, one thing I like about old cars is that they have wing windows. When Jack and Reese were little kids, we were coming back from getting ice cream in Sisters and I asked one of them to crack the wing window. They thought that was the funniest thing they’d ever heard.

Come to find out I actually do have standards when it comes to my own “cooking.” I created a dinner the other night that I literally could not eat. I’ll not share my recipe, but suffice it to say, except for the dollop of mayo on each slice, it had absolutely no taste.

I watched a TV piece on Condon, Oregon, the other night and it made me think about Homer and Norma Shaw, they having retired to Condon long years ago. Who didn’t love those two? The Sisters Rodeo and rodeo kitchen will be forever beholden to them for their love of The Biggest Little Show in the World. Another good Condon tidbit is that one of Linus Pauling’s earliest memories was pulling his wagon around the yard of his home in Condon, where his father was a pharmacist.

I really got to know my community a while back when my dog, Bingo, ran off. I came in contact with more people in the three days she was gone than I’ve met in years. Really good people. Jenny and Steve, the folks who corralled her, told me they had paid extra for dog-proof fencing, but Bingo found a way in and the rest of the story was all kisses.

One of the best changes I’ve made in years is eating two of those little oranges every morning instead of drinking OJ. When I lived in California an Oregon school chum, Joan, was visiting and espied grapefruit hanging off a tree in the yard. Says she, “I didn’t know grapefruit grew on trees.” I kid you not.

After getting a shot in my knee last week and wanting to go easy on it for a couple of days, I came up with the coolest “walker” for going up the stairs. I turned the Kirkland TP package on its end; perfect height, width, and weight. Directions for use: Set it one step ahead. Take a step up. Set it one step ahead. Take a step up. And I especially liked the weight.

Coming down Cloverdale Road last evening, I saw Kathy movin’ her chicken house across the road with a front-end loader. Lots of moving and shaking going on over at the elk ranch lately. “Idaho or bust,” says Kathy. They’ve been good neighbors, have great fencing, and I’m glad I’ll still be able to hear the rooster.


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