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Letters to the Editor 11/22/2023

Climate change

To the Editor:

In the November 15 letters to the editor, Sharon Booth said she was stunned by the lack of knowledge Pat Farr possesses on climate change in comparison to “scientists” all over the world. I’d bet Pat Farr has more common sense than those scientists have conclusive data free of untainted bias and motive.

And believe it or not, there are also scientists all over the world that disagree with the narrative pushed by CNN, AOC, and Greta. Proverbs 14:15-18, New Living Translation.

Sharon in her summary says, “These are not opinions, but facts; like ice ages developing over thousands of years.” Well, name one or two of those scientists there thousands of years ago taking the data; and what kind of instruments were they using for the facts?

Who really trusts the “scientists” anymore after what our nation suffered through during COVID? Our own Fauci, who declared, “I am science!” told us to wear, then not wear masks and that the experimental drug injections were safe, would work, and X boosters would prevent spreading; really? Short-term negative side effects including death, stroke, pulmonary embolism, myocarditis, thrombosis, pericarditis etc. data is still being collected; long-term TBD.

Given prevailing attitude that climate change may be bigger threat than China, Iran, and North Korea, it would not surprise me if some “scientists” were able to gather a large group of individuals (scientific sample size of course), and over X period of time monitor ear temperatures to collect data; then convince many of a new existential threat related to petroleum products and climate change.

In the meantime, I’m with Pat Farr; let common sense preclude blind acceptance of recent “science” based on motive or agenda (maybe even follow the money) where those in power have demonstrated willingness to silence alternative views/facts by any means possible.

Jeff Mackey

Whose land?

Letter to the editor:

In reference to Melody Carlson’s guest column entitled “Occupying the Land,” (The Nugget, November 15, page 2), I appreciated her pertinent points about the ignorance of some pro-Palestinian demonstrators who apparently think their progressive cultural views would be accepted by Hamas.

But her question of who really owns the land of Israel left me pretty surprised. The only people who have ancestral ties to Israel as their historic homeland and nation are the Jewish people. Those who are skeptical of this claim have only to look up “archeological discoveries in Israel” to find out that the Jewish presence in Israel for thousands of years is well documented, literally carved in stone.

To be clear, the term “Palestinian” is a misnomer, since they are not a separate ethnic people group. They are of Arab descent. It was the Roman Empire who renamed the land of Israel “Palestina,” meaning “of the Philistines,” after they destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70 and forced the dispersion of the Jewish people.

When Jews from all over the world began to migrate back to the land, everyone who lived there, Jews and Arabs alike, were called Palestinians. Golda Meir, former prime minister of Israel, famously stated that before Israel became a state in 1948, she considered herself a Palestinian because that’s where she lived.

Today’s Gazans are under the brutal regime of Hamas, which they voted into power back in 2006. Of course, not all Gazans support the goals of Hamas but it’s hard to know just how many are against them, since Hamas tends to kill anyone who opposes them.

Therefore, I agree with the call to “Free Gaza” with one caveat; “Free Gaza of Hamas.”

Better for Gaza. Better for Israel. Better for the world.

Deborah Halsten

Spirit of Christmas

To the Editor:

It’s that time of year again! Please join the Kiwanis Club of Sisters and the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department as we celebrate the Spirit of Christmas.

For those who are new to the community or unfamiliar with this event, the Kiwanis Club of Sisters along with the Sisters Food Bank will be offering gift certificates towards the purchase of a Christmas dinner, and the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department will be handing out gifts for children up to 17.

The Spirit of Christmas is supported entirely by donations. Donations to the Food Bank support this event as well as enable the Food Bank to serve the community throughout the year, and to ensure the Kiwanis Club of Sisters is able to finance the program for years to come. Donations to the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department can be made by purchasing gifts for children whose tags are on the Christmas gift tree at Ray’s Food Place in Sisters or cash donations.

Applications are available at the Food Bank, the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department, and the FAN office.

Having participated in this event for many years through the Kiwanis Club of Sisters, I am continuously humbled by the support and generosity of the Sisters community. Your help guarantees that many local families and individuals will have a merry Christmas.

Shirley Miller

Kiwanis Club of Sisters Chairman

Kudos to DSCO

To the Editor:

Kudos and tremendous respect to Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Chad Davis for his professionalism handling the November 9 incident where a man apparently experienced a health crisis. The tremendous restraint by Lt. Davis and his deputies while responding to the call as reported in The Nugget likely saved this man’s life.

Clearly, all too often we hear about situations as this ending with serious injury or death of the disturbed person, yet instead he was afforded opportunity to get care and a second chance in life.

The DCSO has always been an agency worthy of respect earned by its individual officers, and exemplifies the character of the agency.

Ky Karnecki

To the Editor:

I want to express my gratitude to the Wampanoag people for caring for my ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. My family wouldn’t have survived without their help. According to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, there may be as many as 10 million living descendants in the United States. Many of us in Sisters Country may owe our existence to the generosity and kindness of the Indigenous people we met when we arrived from other places.

I often think about meaningful ways I can give back to the Wampanoag and other Indigenous First Nations. This year I’m donating to the Native Land Conservancy, a nonprofit land conservation group formed by members of the Wampanoag nation in 2012. This modest circle of people are preserving and restoring the very places that our collective ancestors farmed, gathered, hunted, and fished. Supporting their work seems like a loving way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season.

Lauren Davis


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Chaz writes:

Can we please have an exposé on why Jeff Mackey is so often published in the Nugget? How many times has he cited 'common sense' as adequate rebuttal? Many say it's common sense earth is flat and ghosts are real, too. We're dumber for having read his arguments.