Letters to the Editor 12/6/2023


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Thank-you to letter writer

To the Editor:

This is a thank-you to Wendy Vermillion for your letters to the editor regarding cedar bow trimmings/permits, and forest uses.

Your initial letter spoke to my heart, and all the ways that I see nature being destroyed around us, and so often feel hopeless.

I thank you for having the courage and taking the time.

I thank The Nugget for posting the letters; it gives me hope.

Your name says it all, you are one and over 1 million and I wish you a very joyous winter season and new year.

Tennise Thornton

Thank-you to Sisters

To the Editor:

I am so grateful for my 42 1/2 years of my healthcare practice in Sisters, a choice I am so glad I made. The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, the patients I’ve helped are all greater rewards than I could have imagined. I’ve met many life heroes right here. 

Thank you, Sisters, for rich memories and even richer friendships. Those will continue to grow.  

Dr. Bonnie Malone, DC


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