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Sisters salutes...

• Adrienne Banks wrote:

I just wanted to give a shout out to the individuals and businesses who came to my aid when disaster struck Friday.

I had noticed my water pressure was a bit funky the day before, but didn’t give it too much mind as this is not completely out of the ordinary. But when I saw the river rushing from beneath my garage door on Friday, I knew immediately what had happened.

Panic quickly set in as I couldn’t locate the turn-off valve covered in snow. After a flurry of phone calls my neighbor John Grant came to the rescue and located the valve. Shortly after Cory, with Sweeney Plumbing, showed up and immediately got to work fixing the pipes (5 breaks in all). He worked tirelessly (for a good 5 hours) and had such a positive attitude. Along with John they went the extra mile while I was making more phone calls and cleaned up all the debris that had fallen from the ceiling (and there was a lot).

Then, within an hour of my call, Central Oregon Disaster Restoration came to start addressing the water damage in the garage and apartment above that was also heavily affected. My good friend Sue Purcell, also came over and wisely suggested I take photos of everything at its worst, for insurance purposes. Plus, her moral support kept my head from exploding!

Thank you all! Cory, you are a star. John, you set a high bar for what it means to be a good neighbor. Sue, what an awesome friend. It is another reminder of all the good people here in our community.

• Ann Nora Kruger wrote:

Kindness is alive in our small town. My husband received a call from U.S. Bank in Sisters asking if his wife had lost her keys. The bank had tried to call me, after tracing my number with the help of SPRD whose receipt card was on the key ring along with several other keys. My phone was on silent. The bank then connected my records with my husband’s to complete the search.

I had been in the bank the day before, not knowing that my keys had fallen from my purse into the snow outside the bank. The kindness started with someone picking up the keys and taking them into the bank. So, before I even realized I had lost them, they were found. Thank you to the team of thoughtful, kind people who took the time to care.

Ann Nora Kruger


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