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Stupidity on drugs

To the Editor:

I’m amazed that some state legislators are surprised at the massive increase in drug use and drug related deaths in our county and state.

It does not take a genius to realize that when you legalize “small quantities” of virtually every drug that is illegal to possess in 49 other states, you are declaring Oregon as the new Disneyland for those addicted to drugs. It has also added to the homeless crisis.

I know, drug addiction, once started, is an illness and the good intention is to treat it as such. But to pass measure 110 making drug use (and subsequently drug dealing since this is where their customers are) a tourist attraction seems to be stupidity at its highest, even if done with good intentions.

I just hope Oregon legislature doesn’t pass another bill legalizing AR-15s for all mentally imbalanced people. But, then again, I would not be surprised.

Bill Carmichael

Aid to Ukraine

To the Editor:

In support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, the Vocal Seniority and Indivisible Sisters will host a rally at Peace Corner in Bend on February 24, the second anniversary of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The rally, to be held from 3 to 4 p.m., will feature speakers who have expressed a deep commitment to immediate U.S. aid for Ukraine. Guest speakers are Oregon State Representative Emerson Levy, candidate for Oregon Congressional District 5, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, and Ukrainian Navigator with Salem for Refugees, Kseniia Hntsova. The rally will also feature musical performance by the ReSistas.

In addition to humanitarian imperatives, rally sponsors believe that supporting Ukraine’s courageous war effort is integral to the interests of the United States itself. In fact, in a January 17 meeting with House Speaker Mike Johnson, President Biden outlined the stakes of the strategic consequences of inaction for Ukraine, the United States and the world. POTUS emphasized, “Congress’s continued failure to act endangers the United States’ national security, the NATO Alliance, and the rest of the free world.”

In conjunction with the rally, the Vocal Seniority and Indivisible Sisters call on Oregon’s national elected officials, including Senators Wyden and Merkley and Central Oregon Representatives Bentz and Chavez-DeRemer, to support the administration’s Ukraine initiatives. This includes voting in favor of immediate funding for Ukraine’s war effort and issuing public statements in support of such funding. Petitions to that effect will be delivered to the offices of these officials.

Susan Cobb

A dam shame

To the Editor:

The environmental devastation occurring due to the Klamath River dams being breached is appalling. If anyone but “environmentalists” did what Klamath River Renewal Corporation is doing, they would be fined out of existence.

Silt being released all at once from behind the breached dams is most certainly degrading the salmon spawning grounds downstream. Years ago, a Pacific Power employee told me they were ordered to quit lifting their gates annually to release sediment behind the Umpqua dams for fear it would adversely affect spawning. In addition, ODOT’s sanding on snowy highways along rivers has been reduced for fear that sand washing into the river will clog spawning grounds. Yet releasing a 100 years of sediment accumulated behind four Klamath dams all at once is not supposed to be a problem?

Breaching the Klamath dams resulted in 0 percent oxygen levels downstream for nearly 24 hours. How could this have killed only non-native fish as claimed? No living creatures of any type can survive without oxygen for that long. Because the insects, snails, fish, etc. have died, they will rot, which further increases the toxic state of the river.

The riverbanks are even worse. The rapidly exposed river bottom is a cesspool of dying creatures. Deer and other animals, trying to drink from the river are drowning in deep mud. It will be years before the exposed river bottom will be anything but an ugly wasteland. The riparian area that developed around the reservoirs will die from lack of water. Plans to plant native seeds are laudable, but just like in any garden, weeds and invasive species will flourish unless actively eradicated.

Before we even consider breaching more dams, we should conduct years of environmental studies on the Klamath River. Freeing rivers comes at tremendous environmental costs. Is it worth it?

Carol Lovegren Miller

Housing for workers

To the Editor:

Since the City of Sisters and other businesses in the community can’t seem to be able to develop low-income housing, I suggest use of the new proposed RV Park along Camp Polk Road and East Barclay Drive (The Nugget, February 7, page 1) be limited to people who live and work here.

It’s well-known that numerous businesses struggle to maintain employees because people can’t find places to live here. This is especially true for jobs that are service jobs, cyclical and seasonal like so many are in this area where summers see more hiring than winters. It’s even difficult for higher paying jobs, like those with the Forest Service, emergency responders, and the School District (firefighters, EMS, teachers, and aides), to cover costs of housing for employees.

When I graduated from college the best way for me to live with my entry level position was to buy a travel trailer. The town in which I was living had a trailer/RV park where I could afford to pay rent. I was able to save money to eventually purchase a home. People need a way to build their wealth. This would be a great way to do just that.

Richard Miller

Stealing from the church

To the Editor:

I belong to Shepherd Of the Hills Lutheran Church. 

Sometime between February 12-17, someone decided they liked the church snowblower better than the church did. It was stolen from the locked church shed.

It is a sad event when anything is stolen from anyone, but to steal from a church the individual must have a troubled soul. 

Most of the parishioners are older folks, and trudging through the previous night snowfall to enter the church building on Sunday morning was not nice.

If anyone knows who might have taken the snowblower, please call the Sisters Sheriff Station. As for whoever decided to steal the snowblower from the church, you must not know God, or the 10 commandments. We invite you to Sunday service to learn about them. We will pray for you and your soul.

Bill Anttila


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