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Scholarships support experiences

Making the decision to explore a new interest can be simultaneously exciting and vulnerable. Financial requirements can hold some back from doing what they love. Sisters GRO, in partnership with the Roundhouse Foundation, provides applications for the Roundhouse Enrichment Experiences scholarship for Sisters students who want financial support with their interests.

“Overall the Roundhouse Foundation is about education and community, providing unique experiences for Sisters and support for them whether it be career-based or something out of the norm,” said Regan Roberts.

Roberts is the new executive director of Sisters GRO, the independent nonprofit located at Sisters High School that aids graduating seniors in receiving scholarships in addition to overseeing enrichment scholarships.

Any middle or high school student who plans to participate in an enriching experience can be funded. The few exceptions are for travel, school, sports, online, or faith-based activities.

The scholarship was created 11 years ago for SHS and Sisters Middle School students and has allowed for participation in a wide variety of enjoyable experiences.

The scholarship offers a maximum of $1,000 per high school student, and $500 to middle school students per year. Applications are required 30 days prior to the enrichment experience to allow time to be fully processed. The scholarships can, and are encouraged, to be used during either the summer or school year. However, applications are only accepted from the beginning to the end of the school year on June 14, 2024.

Over the past decade there have been dozens of students to apply, all of them for something new and exciting. A few of the programs that SHS students attended over the past three years include OSU Cascades Art Camp, a contemporary dance intensive at BYU, and a reef conservation-marine biology program. SMS students have also participated in meaningful experiences such as numerous fiddle camps, the Sea Camp of Oregon, and a Music in Art Creativity Camp.

Senior Hazell Parker participated in Music in May last year at Pacific University with aid from the Roundhouse Enrichment scholarship.

“It was a really rewarding experience…The experience of staying at the college for several nights and interacting with peers as well as directors that are similarly interested in music was a super eye opening experience,” said Parker.

The scholarship also supports students taking the Flight Science Program at SHS. Katie Ryan is a senior who aspires to be a pilot, but knows that lessons can be expensive. However when aviation teacher Sheryl Yeager directed Ryan to Sisters GRO for aid, she wasn’t disappointed.

“I’ve wanted to be a pilot since freshman year, so I’m glad that I have the option to start that journey before… I think this scholarship gives students the option to explore new things they might never have had the chance to before,” said Ryan.

The Roundhouse Enrichment Experiences have remaining funds for additional students during the 2024 school year to apply, so any middle- or high-schooler who’s looking to participate in a program is encouraged to apply. If you know or are a SMS/SHS student who’s interested in the scholarship visit


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