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Rodeo names grand marshals

Ernest and Alinda Dunn epitomize the essence of community spirit and dedication, as evidenced by their remarkable journey intertwined with the Sisters Rodeo Association.

The couple have been named Grand Marshals for the 2024 Sisters Rodeo.

Raised in the Willamette Valley, their roots run deep within the fabric of Oregon, and our tight-knit community of Sisters. Prior to retirement they settled in Sisters and worked at Black Butte Ranch.

Their story with the Sisters Rodeo Association began in 1994 when Alinda, while residing in Central Oregon, crossed paths with Susie Aylor, a persuasive member who encouraged her to join. Ernest, commuting between the Valley and Central Oregon, followed suit two years later, solidifying their joint commitment to the association. Initially drawn to the thrill of coordinating the parade, their involvement later transitioned to cleaning the clubhouse, a role they embraced wholeheartedly. Fond memories of organizing parades with upwards of 110 entries attest to their passion for community engagement and friendly competition.

While neither competed in rodeo events during their youth, their love for the sport burgeoned from countless hours spent watching rodeos in Salem. This admiration only deepened over the years, fueling their dedication to the Sisters Rodeo Association.

What has kept them devoted to the association for over three decades is the sense of camaraderie and familial bond they cherish dearly. Work parties morphed into enjoyable social gatherings, united by the common goal of preparing for the rodeo. Witnessing the association evolve over the years fills them with pride, though they remain steadfast in their desire for it to retain its grassroots essence amidst a rapidly changing landscape.

Named Grand Marshals, Ernest and Alinda humbly accept the honor, acknowledging the multitude of deserving individuals within the community. To them, it symbolizes not only recognition but also a reaffirmation of their commitment to serving the association they hold dear.

As they reflect on their journey with the Sisters Rodeo Association, Ernest and Alinda's story characterizes the enduring spirit of volunteerism, community, and unwavering dedication that forms the very foundation of this beloved institution.


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