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Walk the talk

To the Editor:

I just read the guest editorial by Diane L. Hodgson in the May 1, edition of The Nugget. Ms. Hodgson was apparently triggered by a person she encountered while having a latte at Sisters Coffee whom she described as “quite intelligent” and “charming,” but made the apparent mistake of saying that he thought Trump was a “good president.”

Based on her statements in her guest editorial, Ms. Hodgson did not ask the person why he thought Trump was a good president or why, in light of recent reports in the legacy and other media of civil and criminal charges brought against Trump and his involvement in various trials, he would continue to believe that Trump was a good president. Instead, Ms. Hodgson apparently used this encounter to fuel the vituperative rant against Trump that comprised the bulk of her guest editorial.

Ironically, Ms. Hodgson concluded her comments by admonishing the rest of us to be “kind,” “open,” “and try to understand the concerns of others in a respectful, civil voice.” These comments might make some sense if Ms. Hodgson had described the Trump supporter as unkind, not open, or disrespectful, as opposed to “quite intelligent” and “charming.”

I would kindly suggest that in this election season we seek to learn why others who apparently do not share our political opinions and beliefs have them. This requires asking questions of the other as to why he or she may hold a particular opinion or like a particular candidate. It requires engaging with the other in a kind, open and respectful manner and voice, and not assuming that one knows the basis for a particular political belief or opinion based on incomplete information.

I note that in the guest editorial Ms. Hodgson states that the person who triggered her was happily married, had two children, was driven in his job and very religious. These attributes cannot alone account for why someone likes or dislikes Trump, Biden, RFK, Jr., Jill Stein, Cornell West, Nikki Haley, Dean Phillips, or many others who seek or sought to be president. If one seeks open and civil discourse one needs to walk the talk.

Ralph Wiser

Full-time job

To the Editor:

Deschutes County deserves a full-time county commissioner. We need a commissioner that is committed to work a full work week for the citizens of Deschutes County. County Commissioner candidate Rob Imhoff stated in a townhall that he would like to keep his job as a blind installer, work two days a week as a Deschutes County Commissioner, and hire an assistant. A county commissioner must be available to respond to county crises, citizen concerns, and issues as they present themselves.

Laurie Kimmell

MSgt, USAF (Ret.)

Country deserves Trump policies

To the Editor:

Look at the decisions of the past three-and-a-half years that have manifested in our country today and ask yourself the obvious question: “Am I better off today than I was in the previous administration?”

We currently have a mass migration problem in the U.S.; Biden reversed Trump’s brilliant “Remain in Mexico Policy” and cancelled the continuation of the wall. We were on our way to the lowest number of illegal invasions in our history until Biden reversed it. Now this administration wants to again put forth “one of the best immigration bills put forward in decades,” or in other words restore Trump’s immigration policies.

During Trump’s presidency we had no wars, and I believe we would not be involved in any of the current foreign wars. Also, we are spending billions of dollars to try and control other countries’ borders while leaving our borders wide open. Trump was respected and feared by world leaders. They knew he followed through with his “Peace Through Strength” policies. You strengthen the good actors and punish the bad actors.

Under Trump we did not have men competing in women’s sports and this exaggerated radical gender ideology. Does this current administration not know the difference between men and women? Did they never take an eighth-grade biology class? That’s real science! I grew up as a woman athlete, and would never have been as successful had I been made to compete with men. It’s biological, not ideological.

Currently we talk about disinformation, misinformation, and censoring information. Doesn’t that cancel free speech, our First Amendment right, and what our country stands for? We are being schooled at what to think and not how to think. We need to return to critical thinking, peaceful protesting, and accountability. Why don’t the elite college administrators at least arrest and require the not so peaceful protestors to clean and repair the damage they caused on our campuses? Higher education is unworthy of our support if they can’t control their campuses. Now they are cancelling graduations for fear of protestors. I bet parents are happy about their well-spent money!

And lastly, I’m curious why no former president or candidate has ever been involved in so many criminal cases which Trump calls a “witch hunt.” Perhaps if he wasn’t so popular, leading in the polls and running for president, would there be no criminal investigations? Hmm… where are the formal investigations of the knowingly false testimonies and trickery collusion conspiracy between the DOJ and Trump prosecutors who tampered with evidence in 2019? What ever happened to the entire false impeachment proceedings of Trump? Where is the investigation of the now-proven false Russia collusion story funded by Hillary Clinton? Why is there not one indictment of insurrection toward Trump or his followers (who are still sitting in jail awaiting trial)? What about the censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor? Enough! “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. (John 8:7) It’s up to us to consider who best can run this country!

Trump deserves a second term to restore what used to be the most envied country in the world!

In regard to Trump selling a “poorly made Bible which includes the Bill of Rights and the Constitution: The quote “In God We Trust” is more concerned with what’s on the inside of a man than his exterior. Open that “poorly” made Bible and read the words in red. It just might put a skip in your step and give us all a brighter hope!

Jan Pray

Supporting McLeod-Skinner

To the Editor:

In deciding whether to vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner or Janelle Bynum for CD5, please note what I heard on OPB last week. Bynum talked over Jamie’s response to the moderator, who had to ask her to refrain until her turn. She then laughed derisively and loudly, as Jamie detailed Bynum’s voting record. Bynum laughed again when Jamie stumbled over a word and said, “See, she can’t even talk!” When asked of differences between them, Bynum played the “Mommy” and “race“ cards, saying Jamie knows nothing of discrimination or being Black, and that motherhood has made her better (this one mentioned four times).

Jamie is stepmom to four and mentioned that she has been “outed” as lesbian her whole adult life, implying but not using her understanding of discrimination and parenthood.

Bynum’s “small business” is owning four McDonald’s franchises, and she said her main focus is economics. Jamie’s focus was everything to improve the working/middle class; education, child care, housing, rights. Know also that Bynum voted against extending the statute of limitations for rape victims, and against increasing penalties for teachers who sexually abuse students. She also claimed to have written the CHPS Bill, increasing funding for more semi conductor production. However, AFTER the federal government granted billions, a GROUP of Oregon legislators passed a funding bill in Oregon. She did not act alone.

Please vote your choice, but know why. Jamie knows our side of the state, as well as having worked successfully in city management, state boards, and local and foreign foreign recovery sites. She has far more positive accolades in her work than those few negatives, and she has persevered to work for people without the benefit of a group of elected Democrats surrounding her, or PAC money. She is honest and sincere, and treats her opponents with courtesy, unlike Bynum. Which kind of person will reflect who we are, and hear our voices?

Wendie Vermillion


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