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'Oxintheriver' Rade Michael Oxman

September 28, 1947 – February 16, 2024

Mike was a devoted fly fisher, finding solace, joy, and spiritual connection in the flowing waters that freed his soul from the trials of everyday life. The Metolius River was his sanctuary and playground, where the ultimate challenge lay in hooking a fish, landing it gently, and releasing it back to its watery domain unharmed. This ritual defined much of his life, a journey of perpetual learning and observation as he navigated the river's ever-changing currents.

He cherished the wisdom imparted by dear friends and master fly fishers like Larry McMichael, Teryl "T" Johansson, and the late Fast Eddie Suttner. Ever generous, Mike shared his love for fly fishing, eager to impart its joys and lessons to others. Whether in the Arctic Circle of Alaska or the Bordeaux region of France, Mike's trusty rod and gear were never far from reach. Show him a river, and he'd be there, casting away with boundless enthusiasm.

Yet, amidst his love for the river, Mike's greatest devotion was reserved for his four children: Heather, Jessica, Lucas, and Isabel, and granddaughter Yasna. They were his purpose, his pride, and his greatest achievement. He fretted over them, celebrated their victories, and cherished every moment with them. Mike's journey was rich and varied, from his days playing rugby for the University of Oregon to working alongside his father on construction crews in Canada.

He wore many hats throughout his life - from paperboy to soldier, railroad worker to Sisters Rodeo president, and real estate broker for Brooks Resources, Morrison Knudsen and Les Schwab. Yet, through every endeavor, he remained a steadfast friend, admired for his kindness, humor, honesty, and humility. He was a beacon of strength and compassion.

Mike touched lives of many as a leader, father, teacher, friend, uncle, cousin, teammate, neighbor, son, brother, accomplished wood worker, cribbage guy, killer breakfast maker, and coffee drinker extraordinaire. Though he may have departed this earthly realm, Mike's spirit will endure, forever intertwined with the river he so dearly loved. A private celebration of life will be held September 7 in Camp Sherman. Please consider donations to Friends of the Metolius or Council on Aging-Central Oregon.

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." - Henry David Thoreau


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