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Artist creates inked masterpieces in tattoo studio

Joanne Eastwood has always been an artist, ever since the was a little girl drawing pictures of birds outside her window.

She followed her talent and passion to the New England School of Art and Design and the California School of Arts and Crafts, and she has worked in graphic design and a wide range of media, and she still does commissioned portraits.

There is something special about tattooing.

"It's just a different medium," she told The Nugget. I think the greatest thing is that someone is willing to wear your art, which is amazing. That's a really good feeling."

She opened Eastwood Tattoos at 101 W. Main Ave., Suite F, in October of 2023. The studio is bright and open - consciously designed by Eastwood to be welcoming.

"I've made this place that I feel is comfortable and safe, and not overwhelming," she said.

Eastwood Tattoos offers a variety of styles, including floral, realism, black and grey, and more.

"I would say I probably lean more toward black-and-white, fine-line animal and nature tattoos," Eastwood said.

The artists can also provide bold color work.

Communication is critical to coming up with a design. A 30-minute consultation is free.

"A lot of times, they have a concept of what they're wanting to get. I draw it up for them and they approve it," Eastwood said. "I find out as much as I can about what they like, what they're looking for."

Clients can bring in an example of what they like, and many show photos from Instagram or other social media as examples.

Trees and mountains are particularly popular motifs here, as are flowers and tattoos that evoke memories of people.

Eastwood notes that there are some things a client should do to ensure the best results from their tattoo.

She recommends not drinking alcohol the night before a session, and making sure you are well-hydrated.

"The skin performs better well-hydrated," she said. "The better you treat your body before it, the better the tattoo - and also the healing after."

She also recommends being cognizant of areas of high sun exposure and to be mindful of pain tolerance if you're seeking a tattoo in a sensitive area.

Eastwood has lived in Central Oregon for 27 years, and she loves Sisters. She designed her business to fit into the community.

"Sisters is a great community," she said. "and that's how I want (the studio) to be - that it feels like a community place."

Customers are welcome to visit Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Book an appointment online at

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