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Real change for Oregon

We have an opportunity to set a new course for Oregon by replacing decades of one-party leadership. For 40 years we have anointed the next Democrat in line for governor even while a large majority of Oregonians believe our state is heading... — Updated 10/25/2022

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Life in the new normal

The slow strangulation of American life as we knew it continues, as the government imposes lockdowns/restrictions on businesses they deem “non-essential.” To a small business owner, the business they have poured their life into is essent... — Updated 8/11/2020

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Local community favored roundabout

Governments don't move fast. Case in point is the upcoming change to the intersection of Barclay and Highway 20. Back in 2009 a group of citizens spent months researching the best way to move pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and trucks through... — Updated 4/7/2015

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Sisters faces a crisis

The enrollment numbers of our schools have been heading south for years now. Shortening the school week or laying off teachers is but a temporary fix. It won't be long until we end up consolidating the middle and high schools into one... — Updated 3/11/2014

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Roundabouts are the best option

The recent letters to the editor about roundabouts came as a surprise, until I realized that it has been five years since the city proposed, and the community came behind, the most recent transportation plan (TSP). The TSP was a long... — Updated 2/11/2014

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Parents need to be involved in sports

After reading my friend Quay Richerson's editorial last week, I feel sorry that we do not live in the ideal world that he depicts. Having "professional coaches" in our schools would be terrific. But the reality is that we hire coaches... — Updated 2/28/2012

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Roundabouts are best for Sisters

We have done a lot of big things here in Sisters over the past 30 years: We built a beautiful new library, moved city hall (do you remember the old one!), and built a new high school - twice. But nothing we do will impact the look, feel,... — Updated 11/8/2011

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City should consider roundabouts

On Tuesday, June 2, the Sisters Transportation Plan (TSP) will be presented to the community for public input. A group of local citizens, along with city staff and consultants, has spent months laying out the vision for how cars, bicycles,... — Updated 5/26/2009


Opinion Election: It's the War on Terror, Stupid!

In the 1992 election, James Carville gave Bill Clinton the battle cry for his campaign: "It's the economy, stupid!" President Bush had won the Gulf war and thought that would carry him through to re-election. And even though the economy had... — Updated 9/14/2004


Commentary Defending the President

Eric Dolson stated that President Bush has "failed miserably" at "cutting taxes, reforming education, strengthening our energy supply, controlling unnecessary spending and bolstering our national security," ("A storm is coming," The Nugget,... — Updated 4/6/2004


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