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Finding ‘Turtlehenge’

A rock wallaby atop the boulder pile we were halfway up ignored us. Humans move clumsily on furniture-sized stones by comparison, so it kept ambling along despite being 40 feet away. The... — Updated 11/8/2022 Full story

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Perception wars

The moon landings were staged; the earth is flat; Hitler escaped to Argentina. Learning “the news” each day while growing up in a city within the heartland of America during the ’60s and ’70s occurred in one of two ways: At 6 p.m. the loc... — Updated 8/16/2022 Full story

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Intimate is the African Night — Part 3

The camera’s fall, towards the lioness’s head instantly created empty space between her eyes and mine, causing the raw magnitude of the moment to somehow leap up yet another level. Her hea... — Updated 8/18/2020 Full story

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Intimate is the African Night — Part II

A few rules for riding in an open-air vehicle during a safari in Africa are: 1. Stay in the vehicle until the guide says it’s okay to get out for a break. 2. When parked for photographs, n... — Updated 8/11/2020 Full story

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Intimate is the African night

The young British woman sitting next to me in the dark was on her honeymoon and wouldn’t leave me alone. Clutching my arm and groaning, she was absolutely ruining the moment. I felt anger r... — Updated 7/28/2020 Full story

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Call me pilgrim

(This is the second of a two-part reflection on Sisters art gallery proprietor Chris Morin’s visit to the cradle of Western civilization). Greece embraces mythology as perhaps no other n... — Updated 12/30/2019 Full story

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Iconic civilization of mind and matter

This is the first of a two-part reflection on Sisters art gallery proprietor Chris Morin’s visit to the cradle of Western Civilization. “How will our most positive efforts be regarded in jus... — Updated 12/23/2019 Full story

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Lost in Istanbul

The occasional sound of car tires ambling across the one-lane cobbled street during the night reverberates up densely packed three- and four-story walls of old stone buildings, but this... — Updated 11/12/2019 Full story

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The traditional and contemporary in native art

The “modern” appearance of many Native American artists’ paintings can cause viewers to construe incorrect perceptions about its “Native-ness.” Paintings that are oil on canvas, for instance, give the impression of a European genre. Ye... — Updated 6/11/2019 Full story

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A community's identity with art

Small towns in America typically aren't associated with art. Their identity is usually based on one of the following: remote location; nearby job-related industry such as agriculture, mining, ranching, logging, commercial fishing, or... — Updated 1/29/2019 Full story

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Commentary... Art and individual identity

Erin Thompson serves as an art professor at John Jay College, City University of New York. She has written that for most art buyers "... art is a means to create and strengthen social bonds, and a way for collectors to communicate... — Updated 11/27/2018 Full story

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The meaning of art in 2018

Society has mostly concluded that the meaning a work of art has is primarily whatever it means to the person owning it. If the work resides within a museum or is public art, then the person viewing it determines the meaning. What the artist... — Updated 11/6/2018 Full story

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No political pep rally

Jim Cornelius wrote about "political correctness" in an opinion piece last week. And within that, he discussed taking a course in college regarding Native American History while at UC-Santa Cruz. Given that my wife and I own the only... — Updated 8/28/2018 Full story

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From the Zuni Pueblo: Mystery, artwork, and love

Discussing an unfamiliar subject without background, Zuni artwork for instance, is like telling a newcomer from the Amazon about powder conditions on Hoodoo and snowboarding. Art or an... — Updated 10/24/2017 Full story


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