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  • Reluctant Sisters: The City’s incorporation

    Emme Shoup, Sisters Assistant Community Engagement Coordinator|Updated Jun 8, 2021

    In 1946, the year of Sisters’ incorporation, economic activity was booming, and with World War II ending in September 1945, soldiers began returning home to their community. It must have been at this point, when the Sisters community was coming back together and reevaluating its assets, that the subject of incorporation became prevalent. Yet, with Sisters being platted by Alex and Robert Smith in 1901, why did it take 45 years to incorporate? The conversation around incorporation had been stirring in the Sisters community as... Full story

  • What is the Sisters Country Vision?

    Janel Ruehl & Emme Shoup|Updated May 18, 2021

    Are you new to Sisters Country? Looking for information about your community, or ways to get involved with a local project? Allow me to introduce you to the Sisters Country Vision! As the Vision turns three this year, we’d like to take a moment to get back to basics, answering these common questions: What is the Vision? How is the Vision funded? Who’s working on the Vision? And, what’s next for the Vision in 2021? The Sisters Country Vision is a long-term planning tool, helpful for identifying shared community values and s... Full story

  • Celebrating 75 years through collaboration

    Emme Shoup & Janel Ruehl|Updated Apr 20, 2021

    The Sisters Country Vision is a community-led vision project, first created with extensive community engagement in 2018, which continues to incorporate new community-led projects. At the heart of implementing this community vision is supporting and celebrating inter-community collaboration. As Sisters turns 75 this year, though we can’t have a big celebration due to COVID-19 regulations, local organizations continue to find creative ways to highlight Sisters’ unique history and enduring small-town atmosphere. In par... Full story

  • Transportation improvement underway in Sisters Country

    Janel Ruehl & Emme Shoup|Updated Feb 23, 2021

    The Sisters Country Vision is a community-led vision project, created with extensive community engagement in 2018. In the Vision, “Integrated Transportation Options” is prioritized as one of five strategies to create a more livable Sisters Country. In 2021, the Vision Implementation Team (VIT) — representing local government, agencies, nonprofits, and community members — is collaborating with several key players to address the evolving transportation needs of the community. Andrea Breault, the Transportation Dir... Full story

  • 2021 priorities for Sisters Country Vision

    Janel Ruehl & Emme Shoup|Updated Jan 26, 2021

    5 brings renewed hope for many residents of Sisters Country, even as some of our friends and neighbors continue to feel the compounding effects of the coronavirus on livelihoods and local business, food security, housing, and, of course, health. It may all feel overwhelming at times, but each of us can do something to continue to make Sisters Country a community where all can thrive. The Sisters Country Vision was originally undertaken in 2018 and facilitated a community conversation that helped identify clear, positive... Full story

  • The Sisters’ Vision will inform Sisters 2040

    Emme Shoup, City of Sisters Assistant Community Engagement & Program Coordi|Updated Nov 25, 2020

    The Sisters 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update team is out of the gate and running — conducting background studies, doing community engagement, and preparing for a December open house. Many community members have asked why the Comprehensive Plan Update is being undertaken before the Sisters Country Vision is fully implemented. How is the Comprehensive Plan different from the Vision? The Vision and Comp Plan Update have a lot of crossover but have different geographic focuses, breadth of scope, and implementation... Full story

  • Keep Sisters small?

    Emme Shoup, City of Sisters Assistant Community Engagement & Program Coordi|Updated Oct 20, 2020

    During the 2018 Sisters Country Vision, “Keep Sisters Small” was an overwhelming sentiment from the rapidly growing community. Yet there is a conflict about what small means and the desire for more affordable housing and economic opportunities. At a time when the City is updating its Comprehensive Plan that will influence future growth, it’s nice to think about simpler times. The Sisters History Museum connects the City’s 1880s downtown theme to its 1880s beginnings. Sheep used to be herded down Cascade Street to the foothil... Full story

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