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  • None of your business?

    Jim Cunningham|Updated Feb 20, 2024

    Unless you have been living in a cave for the past year, you cannot help being exposed to some degree to the political fighting going on between the current and immediate past administrations over the handling of “classified” information. The discussion and debate over the safeguarding of the nation’s secrets has been playing out in a very public forum from the news media to the courtroom. Is that good or bad? It certainly raises issues that the general public rarely pays attention to. Why do we need to guard state secre... Full story

  • Confrontation essential to accountability

    Jim Cunningham, Guest Columnist|Updated Jan 31, 2023

    In a recent editorial, Jim Cornelius offered up his views concerning our reluctance to hold to account those in powerful positions, as opposed to our willingness to take decisive action against those in positions of lessor status or importance. This phenomenon exists in the private sector as well as in a public forum. Holding to account requires confrontation, and I have come to believe the failure to demand an accounting at any level, on a myriad of issues, rests more with our reluctance to confront, rather than our desire... Full story

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