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  • Artist soars with traditional weaving

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Jul 19, 2022

    Turkish-American artist Ayla Gizlice is in Sisters for a couple of weeks for an art residency at Pine Meadow Ranch (PMR), under the auspices of the Roundhouse Foundation. Her university studies are environmental science and art; many of her projects lie at the intersection of these disciplines. On Thursday, July 14, she and several co-residents and staff from PMR gathered to learn about one of Gizlice’s art projects, which combines lichens and traditional kilim weaving. Gizlice was born and raised in Raleigh, North C... Full story

  • Rumble of hoofbeats, rattle of bones

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Sep 27, 2016

    I don't think I've ever been on a horse more nimble than that little bay. He cantered through knee-high grass on a slope, striding over hundreds of ground-squirrel and marmot holes before I even spotted them. Smart, too. Unshod, he slowed to a trot to pick his way through tricky ground. When the hills were steep or rocky footing unavoidable, he walked to switchback down or pick his way. And hardy. That day we were on the move for about seven hours, maybe 50 km, most of that... Full story

  • The hour of dogs a-barkin'

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Sep 20, 2016

    "It's the hour of dogs a-barkin'," as Tom Russell sings about Mexico. Seems to be true in the countryside of Mongolia as well. This night though, Stinky, Guetuerma and a nameless pup that belongs to someone else but is here most of the time, were barking well past dark outside my ger (Mongolian for "yurt."). It had been an unharmonious day for them: this afternoon, a large aggressive male dog hung around camp. Most dogs here are "Mongolian Dog" - black with brown points; few... Full story

  • Sisters rider on the steppe

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Sep 13, 2016

    I'm fond of horses. I'm fond of archery. And of archery from a galloping horse as well. So is Holm Neumann. That's why we were in Mongolia last month. Holm and Susan Neumann established the Cascade International Mounted Archery Center (CIMAC) in 2006, where they train horses to horseback archery, teach clinics and hold competitions from their ranch outside of Sisters. When we hosted the 2010 Horseback Archery Competition, the Mongolians had planned to come, but didn't show at... Full story

  • Horsewomen of Sisters donate funds

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Jan 24, 2012

    Darlene Johnston, Patty Swarens and Carol Statton dreamed up a project just over a year ago over margaritas at Bronco Billy's Ranch Grill and Saloon: A calendar featuring horsewomen of the area dressed in 19th-century clothing, with proceeds from sales going toward community animal rescue efforts. "After the margaritas cleared the next day, it still seemed like a good idea," said Johnston. And last Saturday, January 19, they presented the last of three checks, and several... Full story

  • Van offers relief from tooth trouble

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Jan 12, 2010

    The Medical Teams International (MTI) dental van brought relief to Sisters folks suffering from dental ailments on January 6, in front of the Kiwanis House in downtown Sisters. Doctor Spence Kruger, hygienist Celia Grayson and assistant Debbie Strumbaugh took care of the urgent dental needs of 13 adults. Each patient contributed about $10, and the caregivers volunteered their time for the whole day - as they have for Sisters patients for three years. The quarterly visits of... Full story

  • Sisters woman offers classes in stress management

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Sep 22, 2009

    How much time do you spend worrying about lack of time and spinning your wheels being "stressed out?" Stress is normal, but too much stress produces toxicity in our bodies, which builds up, wreaking health havoc. One of the most common characteristics of long-lived people is that they tend to take it easy in life; they don't get "all worked up" about problems. More importantly, living in a more relaxed state is a more pleasant life. Diane Goble says, "While we all need stress to survive, unmanaged it can kill us! Studies show... Full story

  • Canine event sets tails wagging in Sisters

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Sep 1, 2009

    It seems there is no easier way for humans to meet than with dogs as their liaisons. True to theory, a few hundred dogs and their families met with smiles and wagging tails for a fun-filled morning last Saturday in Sisters. Saturday held perfect weather for the Sisters Doggie Dash and "Canine Carnival" centered at the fields behind Sisters Middle School. Newfoundland, Ruby, and her owner, Lisa Clausen, spied Spike, a Newfoundland/mastiff cross and just had to say hello. The... Full story

  • New archery shop aims for a variety of targets

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Aug 4, 2009

    Mike and Beth Huitt opened Top Pin Pro Archery shop August 1 to offer high-performance equipment befitting competitive pros and serious bowhunters, but that's only half the shop - and half the story. The shop is located in the Outlaw Station shopping center next to High Desert Hair Co. and just a couple of doors down from Ray's Food Place. A wall runs the 20-yard- length of the shop, dividing it right about in half. On one side, the compound bows are precisely arranged in... Full story

  • Multi-talented artist lands in Sisters

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Aug 12, 2008

    The evening after Michael Kevin Daly moved to Sisters, he walked over to the opening of Nancy Becker and Mark Gillem's Reride art show. The bleary-eyed newcomer hadn't even summitted the three steps to the porch, when he was greeted with "Hey Michael! How are you?" from one side, and handed a guitar on the other. His exhaustion lifted, "I felt so thoroughly welcome," he recalled. "Now I'll take folks seriously when they say, 'Bring your guitar.'" Or, he could bring his... Full story

  • Sisters residents hear Gold Star Moms

    Lynn Woodward|Updated Apr 11, 2006

    A contingent of Sisters area residents trekked to Redmond last week to learn about the impact of the war in Iraq from two women who have experienced it first-hand. Michelle DeFord and Lynn Bradach each lost a son killed in action in Iraq. The two Gold Star Mothers of Oregon spoke to a group gathered at the Historic Redmond Church on Saturday morning. Sisters folk singer Katie Cavanaugh opened the discussion with several of her original songs on the theme of war and peace.... Full story