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  • Stars over Sisters 9/28/2021

    Molly Greaney & Paola Mendoza|Updated Sep 28, 2021

    With autumn’s arrival, temperatures have begun to cool as the sun sinks ever lower in the sky as the season progresses. We’ve even had a touch of much-needed rain. The shortening days and lengthening nights will also lead to more opportunities for stargazing. While it is true that the evening constellations are dimmest during this time of year, most of them can still be identified under a clear, moonless sky. One of these is our featured constellation for this month, nam... Full story

  • Stars over Sisters 6/01/2021

    Molly Greaney & Paola Mendoza|Updated Jun 1, 2021

    Each year during the month of June, the sun ascends to its northern-most point above Earth’s equator. When this happens, we celebrate the beginning of summer. Take advantage of the warmer evenings to gaze into Central Oregon’s star-studded night sky, for there are wondrous sights to behold. There is a strip of sky, centered on the ecliptic, that passes through twelve constellations. Called the zodiac, this piece of celestial real estate is where the sun, moon, and the solar system’s major planets are always found. One of th... Full story