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  • A hard decision on City Council race

    Susan Cobb|Updated Jul 9, 2024

    Over four years ago, I ran for City Council and lost. I ran because at that time, the city was lucky to find any candidates at all to fill the three open seats. That was a rather sad state of affairs. As a member of Indivisible Sisters Steering Committee, we encouraged running for local offices. We were not having much luck at it, so I ran as an example. I filed early, there was one other candidate and me for three open seats. Soon after filing my candidacy, I submitted a letter to the editor of The Nugget explaining the step... Full story

  • Not the good ole days again!

    Susan Cobb|Updated Sep 21, 2021

    We humans tend to remember the past as better; from “bigger fish” to life having been a glowing state of bliss, regardless of what actually happened. A recent Letter to the Editor identifies the “better” past starting with an 1828 (!) definition of education promoting a religiously based, loving thy neighbor, up to a 1950/60s “Leave It to Beaver” world that we should now turn to as a guide in order not to focus on skin color. I beg your pardon? Let me get this straight. Now that we are actually seeing how our people of color... Full story

  • Smoke and mirrors on Critical Race Theory

    Susan Cobb|Updated Jul 28, 2021

    Consider the facts so readily available online via many credible resources. Herein, sharing two of them. From Wikipedia (sans footnotes and links) we learn that “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) is a body of legal scholarship and an academic movement of civil-rights scholars and activists in the United States that seeks to critically examine U.S. law as it intersects with issues of race in the U.S. and to challenge mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice. CRT examines social, cultural, and legal issues pri... Full story

  • A carbon reduction solution to like

    Susan Cobb|Updated Mar 3, 2021

    Now that a majority of humanity agrees climate change is in crisis mode, regardless of why, we all know we need to get more done to reverse that threat to our children’s futures. There are two corrections to slow and then reverse climate change: reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and increase sequestration of carbon dioxide. This communique will share the best solution to reduce emissions of GHGs efficiently, effectively and with benefits to you. The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act puts a price on carbon e... Full story