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 By George Wuerthner    Opinion 

Rethinking burning in Sisters' forests

The Deschutes National Forest is currently engaged in prescribed burning and thinning the forest. They assert that our forests are unhealthy and too dense, thus requiring human ignition and logging to keep the forests healthy. At the same... — Updated 5/30/2023

 By Douglas Beall    Opinion

Sisters Country birds

A familiar site on lakes, marshes, ponds, and rivers, the Mallard [Anas platyrhynchos], with its glossy green head and orange feet, is a stunning duck. Mallards are dabblers, feeding on... — Updated 5/23/2023

 By Craig Rullman    Opinion

The Bunkhouse Chronicle Shadow puppets

Reading the Durham Report, one can be forgiven for wondering whether to reach for a bottle of Advil or a tinfoil hat. I recommend both. What the report details — I’ll spare you the 300 pages — is a politically motivated cabal of FBI... — Updated 5/23/2023

 By Douglas Beall    Opinion

Sisters Country birds

Bitter cherry, bird cherry, chokecherry, or bitter berry are all common names for Prunus virginiana. My neighbors have several in their yard that are of the Canada red variety of... — Updated 5/9/2023

 By Jean Nave    Opinion

Scottie Wisdom & Faith – Scotties separation anxiety

Many dogs exhibit separation anxiety. Our rescued twelve-year-old Scottie, Piper, having lost 75 percent of her hearing, is now very dependent upon her care-giver. In the past she stayed in the car for an hour without getting upset. Now she... — Updated 5/5/2023

 By Colette Whelan    Opinion

Creating a healthy environment

There are so many aspects of the Sisters 2040 Comprehensive Plan that point to positive aspirations and goals for our community. As an experienced health care provider living in this community, I feel an onus to speak to the development of... — Updated 5/2/2023

 By Bill Bartlett    Opinion

Roundabout Sisters – Signs of spring

Calls to 911 reporting fires are up as more and more yard debris is being burned. Callers mistakenly think a structure or wildfire is happening, when it’s just neighbors burning off leaf... — Updated 4/25/2023

 By Melody Carlson    Opinion

CATS versus C4C – really?

I’ve lived in Sisters 28 years and love this sweet town for the same qualities we all appreciate—gorgeous mountains, majestic trees, recreation opportunities, celebrations of art and music. We purposely moved here to embrace a smaller... — Updated 4/25/2023

 By Erik Dolson    Opinion

We are no longer alone

For weeks I’ve corresponded with ChatGPT, which might be loosely described as “software.” My impression? Alternative Intelligence has arrived. We are not alone. This will change us, forever. I’m not imagining “The Matrix,” or ... — Updated 4/18/2023

 By Sue Stafford    Opinion

Of a certain age – Why I love Sisters

It was a gray day in February 2004, and it started to rain as I was meandering around town during a visit to Sisters to look for a house. I ducked under cover in front of Leavitt’s front door (now Dixie’s). The owner — and a true... — Updated 4/11/2023

 By Craig Rullman    Opinion

The Bunkhouse Chronicle – Meatballs

What are we, mere monkeys chattering in front of the cobra’s basket, to think about the recent unveiling of a meatball made from the DNA of a woolly mammoth? If you didn’t know, an Australian “cultured meat startup” recently... — Updated 4/11/2023


Your Story Matters – Money on the mind

In my day job, I spend a lot of time talking to patients about relationships. To partners, to children, to coworkers, to themselves, but more frequently, the conversation has shifted to a per... — Updated 4/11/2023


The paradox of tolerance

In the world of mental health, we contend with the abstract intersections of nature versus nurture and what behaviors we have agency over versus those we may not. The role of accountability... — Updated 4/5/2023


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