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Letters to the Editor 5/22/2024

Crying wolf To the Editor: Two guest columnist articles printed in the May 15, 2024 edition were out of touch with science and facts. Steve Allely’s claim about “Oregon wolves” vs. “Canadian transplants” is based only on claims by untrained... — Updated 5/21/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 5/15/2024

Walk the talk To the Editor: I just read the guest editorial by Diane L. Hodgson in the May 1, edition of The Nugget. Ms. Hodgson was apparently triggered by a person she encountered while having a latte at Sisters Coffee whom she described... — Updated 5/14/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 5/8/2024

4th of July event To the Editor: I am not sure that having the 4th of July event at The Village Green Park is a good idea. There are limited areas to park. The homeowners most likely will have issues with people parking in front of their... — Updated 5/7/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 5/1/2024

AI is wrong To the Editor: Relative to a letter to the editor published in The Nugget, April 17, in which artificial intelligence (AI) is the trusted source: the misinformation perpetuated therein must not stand. Yes, when Jamie... — Updated 4/30/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 4/24/2024

Better angels To the Editor: Tim Hockett’s guest column, “We Must Do Better” in the April 10 Nugget was beautifully written and so important. It’s a reminder of where we as a nation have been and a caution to where we’re going. Jim Corne... — Updated 4/23/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 4/17/2024

Prescribed fire To the Editor: Spring is in the air and so is the smoke. Prescribed burning season is upon us and in an effort to get in front of a contentious subject I’d like to voice my support of the efforts of our local resources d... — Updated 4/16/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 4/10/24

Dedicated volunteers To the Editor: This month, prior to the regular School Board Meeting on April 3, three candidates for the Budget Committee were interviewed. Each presented their various experiences and what they could bring to the... — Updated 4/9/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 4/03/2024

Student safety To the Editor: In response to the recent allegations against SHS choir teacher Rick Johnson, who has represented Sisters Folk Festival’s Americana Project for nearly 20 years, a simple question needs to be addressed: Is the S... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 3/27/2024

Don’t reuse eclipse glasses To the Editor: There is an important safety issue that people should be made aware of concerning the upcoming eclipse on April 8, 2024. People should NOT use old eclipse glasses, especially ones that they used d... — Updated 3/26/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 3/20/2024

Thank you to community To the Editor: To the amazing Sisters community... We are the family that lost our house to the fire on Valentine’s Day. Since then, the love and support shown by our whole community have truly blown us away. We’d espe... — Updated 3/19/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 3/6/2024

What happened to integrity To the Editor: As I watch and listen to the collective failure of our nation’s congressional members, the question arises of what happened to integrity, truthfulness, and honesty. When fear of reprisal and politica... — Updated 3/5/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 2/28/2024

Build it and they will come To the Editor: There are many topics I could address as February draws to a close, but I have selected the homeless and housing issues in Sisters and in Deschutes County. I begin with a question: Why so many... — Updated 2/27/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 2/21/2024

Stupidity on drugs To the Editor: I’m amazed that some state legislators are surprised at the massive increase in drug use and drug related deaths in our county and state. It does not take a genius to realize that when you legalize ... — Updated 2/20/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 2/14/2024

A sick society To the Editor: American society is sick in so many ways. No surprise really, given all the obvious symptoms. Before going further, I know many of you would dismiss my views as negative and offering no solutions. So be it. And... — Updated 2/13/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 2/7/2024

Hometown heros To the Editor: Here’s a much-needed piece of good news! Pat Burke and Cody Meredith, two of our Sisters-Camp Sherman paramedics, had an unexpected and special moment last weekend. On a call to help a woman in labor they f... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 1/31/2024

Wildlife corridor To the Editor: As members of the Bend to Suttle Lake Wildlife Passage Initiative (B2S), we appreciate the recent article highlighting our locally driven effort, published in The Nugget on January 16 (“Initiative seeks to m... — Updated 1/30/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 1/24/2024

Imagine To the Editor: Well, here we are again. Another election year which is quickly ramping up with both sides of the isle pointing fingers, laying blame and generating biased statements that oftentimes seem to lack the truth. Then there... — Updated 1/23/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 1/17/2024

It takes a village To the Editor: Sisters’ average minimum income (AMI) was $81,016 in 2021, up from $75,662 in 2020 (per Data USA). A 7 percent increase. Point2Homes.com agrees with that 2020 AMI and adds that Sisters’ 2020 average inc... — Updated 1/16/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 1/10/2024

School is back in session To the Editor: I would like to extend my warm wishes to the Sisters community for a happy new year. The first school board meeting of 2024 began with a celebration of our school board members, as January is board... — Updated 1/9/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 1/3/2024

Tree poaching To the Editor: I live in Crossroads. I wanted to correct the information in The Nugget, “Tree poachers strike in Sisters.” In this article it stated that Jeremy Fields and Therese Kollerer found the old-growth tree outside Cro... — Updated 1/2/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 12/20/2023

From the superintendent To the Editor: As 2023 comes to an end, I wanted to share with you a few highlights from the December Sisters School Board meeting. Before the start of the meeting, the Board and guests celebrated the Sisters High... — Updated 12/19/2023 Full story


Letters to the Editor 12/13/2023

Goodbye to a community icon To the Editor: One of our community icons is gone. He was the first to greet us when we came, often the last to catch the eye when leaving. He was the one we said goodbye to, in a way thanking him for a good... — Updated 12/12/2023 Full story


Letters to the Editor 12/6/2023

Thank-you to letter writer To the Editor: This is a thank-you to Wendy Vermillion for your letters to the editor regarding cedar bow trimmings/permits, and forest uses. Your initial letter spoke to my heart, and all the ways that I see... — Updated 12/5/2023 Full story


Letters to the Editor 11/29/2023

Whose land? Re: The letter “Whose Land?” (The Nugget, November 23): The writer of this letter is under certain misconceptions about the history of Palestine and the Palestinian people. She alleges that “the only people who have ances... — Updated 11/28/2023 Full story


Letters to the Editor 11/22/2023

Climate change To the Editor: In the November 15 letters to the editor, Sharon Booth said she was stunned by the lack of knowledge Pat Farr possesses on climate change in comparison to “scientists” all over the world. I’d bet Pat Farr has mo... — Updated 11/21/2023 Full story


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