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Bringing out the best in a small community

It may seem that our cousins in the big cities are over-reacting, but a time of crisis generally brings out the best in people who live in small communities.

While some of our neighbors may be excessively worried, the level-headed will continue to do what they can do with the resources they have.

This is a time for generosity and leadership, and almost everyone can help.

Start by taking notes. Create a list of your neighbors, their telephone numbers and addresses.

If they don’t want your help, that’s fine, there are plenty of people who will appreciate your kindness.

Help those people you can, and do so in a healthy way.

Seniors are especially susceptible to illness, and those who live alone have an increased risk if no one checks in on them.

Parents with children may need you to make a grocery run for them, or a trip to the pharmacy.

An elderly person might need you to get their mail or maybe just drag their garbage pails to the curb.

If thoughts of helping other people overwhelm you, try to help just one neighbor — that person can look out for you, too. Think about the people closest to your home, on your block, in your neighborhood.

A “Get Well Soon” note can brighten a person’s day.

Volunteer: this county has many great organizations that could use an extra hand supporting those who are ill or recovering.

If you have the means, donate to a useful organization.

Clean your home or place of work and be relentless at keeping surfaces sanitary. Pay extra attention to those places that you or others touch frequently such as counters, chairs, phones, door handles, keypads, remote controls and of course, restroom surfaces.

If you touch something, leave it cleaner than before you touched it.

Cold and flu season generally comes to a halt sometime in April and there are several theories as to why: more people are outside, which offers us the healing power of vitamin D from the sun. It also means we spend less time in confined areas where a virus can more easily spread.

So dress properly for the weather and go for a walk or a hike — even a drive in the country with the windows rolled down a bit can help your attitude.

And help those people whom you can help the most.


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