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  • We’re all on edge

    Tom Mullen|Updated Jun 2, 2020

    Here at the office of The Nugget — your hometown newspaper — we consider ourselves among the fortunate ones. The press, like it or not, are deemed essential in times of crisis, so we get to work through this global pandemic. So most of our work these days centers around this crisis, and the pain and disruption that it is causing. All of us have seen friends and loved ones lose jobs over the past two months. One in four Americans have been forced out of their jobs. That’s pretty depressing for the out-of-work, w... Full story

  • Bringing out the best in a small community

    Tom Mullen|Updated Mar 18, 2020

    It may seem that our cousins in the big cities are over-reacting, but a time of crisis generally brings out the best in people who live in small communities. While some of our neighbors may be excessively worried, the level-headed will continue to do what they can do with the resources they have. This is a time for generosity and leadership, and almost everyone can help. Start by taking notes. Create a list of your neighbors, their telephone numbers and addresses. If they don’t want your help, that’s fine, there are plenty of... Full story

  • Monopoly

    Tom Mullen|Updated Mar 20, 2019

    If you purchase an item from Amazon, they will, in what appears to be a modern miracle, deliver it your door, here in the remotest part of Montana, within a day or two. If you don’t like it, an even bigger miracle takes place. When the courier comes to retrieve the item, in that same box Amazon sent it you, the courier scans it at your door for delivery back to Amazon and you are instantaneously refunded the money. Amazon might be getting an empty box when they credit you, no questions asked. But that’s no miracle &md... Full story