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  • Did we blow it on COVID-19?

    Dave Tremblay|Updated May 11, 2021

    “You know, Billy. We blew it….We blew it.” — from the 1969 landmark, counterculture film “Easy Rider.” Uttered by the character, Wyatt/Captain America, the quote in the epigraph comes close to the film’s closing scene, capturing his repugnance at what he and his sidekick, Billy, initiated on their cross-country trip atop their famous Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Actor Peter Fonda’s simple, reflective lines parallel our current COVID-19 crisis. This article upd... Full story

  • Could April bring a turning point in COVID-19 pandemic?

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Feb 23, 2021

    This week marks the anniversary of what would be an ominous event: the first time the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) compiled COVID-19 data for seven consecutive days. In the week of February 23, 2020 (Sunday) through February 29, 2020 (Saturday), 26 cases throughout Oregon were recorded by the OHA. The first Oregon death resulted on March 14. Since then, OHA has compiled massive amounts of key data. Cases and deaths as of February 14, 2021: Over the past five months, three... Full story

  • Super Bowl prediction: Chiefs Beat Buccaneers, 31-27

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Feb 2, 2021

    We have a great, friendly community here in Sisters and Central Oregon — even when our favorite teams are pitted against each other in the stupendous, annual Super Bowl. Here’s a real-life example. On a beautiful, sunny, bluebird-sky March day last year, I jumped aboard a chair at Hoodoo Ski Area with a complete stranger. We instantly started chatting and I learned he lived in Sisters too. Our expected skiing-dialog shifted to the previous month’s Super Bowl game, the... Full story

  • ‘Go ’Hawks!’ and predicting the NFL

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Jan 5, 2021

    As you might know, on September 20, Week 2 of this National Football League (NFL) season, the NFL fined Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll $100,000 for violating the league’s new COVID-19 mask policy. His response is indicative of his intellect, enthusiasm, and professionalism. According to media, Carroll said he wasn’t upset at the fine. Rather, Pete was upset with himself — that he didn’t do better. “‘I know it’s important to wear masks. Sometimes you’ve just got to b... Full story

  • Combating a serious COVID-19 surge

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Nov 25, 2020

    Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s November 17 temporary freeze proclamation placed many restrictive actions in place to “bend the COVID-19 curve.” With no easy answers, policies were enacted to dramatically reduce COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths — while reducing stress on our valiant medical system. Should she have done more? I answer, “Yes.” Purposeful short-term sacrifice for long-term solutions. Indeed, possibly implementing proven successful COVID-19... Full story

  • “Difficult Challenge”: Seahawks Clip Cardinals’ Wings, 34-30

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Nov 17, 2020

    Hello, Central Oregon NFL football fans! As you may remember from the 2019-2020 NFL season, I, DataDave, had written two articles about the Seattle Seahawks. Those articles took historical, statistical data and made predictions about upcoming contests between the Seahawks and their opponents. Besides the outcome of the game (win/lose), each team’s point production was determined. This was done for the Seahawks/49ers (November 11th) as well as the Vikings/Seahawks (December 2... Full story

  • Intricately interwoven: Deschutes County’s COVID-19 analysis

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Oct 20, 2020

    Out of the turbulent 1970s, came this saying: “Think globally. Act locally.” In early 2020, very few people in the world had heard of China’s Wuhan City, a population of over 11 million people. There, the first recorded COVID-19 case was in December 2019. Scientific evidence indicates COVID-19 has a natural animal origin, likely contracted from bats. According to a July 29 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) article, “Research suggests one of the closest known ancesto... Full story

  • Oregon’s COVID-19 situation needs improvement

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Sep 30, 2020

    In 2020, our lives have been influenced greatly by COVID-19. Unfortunately, many families have experienced personal, tragic loss. In every facet of normal life throughout Oregon — its 4.3 million residents and 36 counties — Governor Brown’s decisions and proclamations have a timely, important impact on all of us. In the United States, we just surpassed 205,000 deaths. Following are key facts about Oregon’s COVID-19 situation from the Oregon Health Authority (OH... Full story

  • Chiefs will break 49ers’ glass slipper, 32-28

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Jan 28, 2020

    The San Francisco 49ers team is Cinderella. Escorted by Lady Luck, they will attend the dazzling Big Dance on February 2. Intelligently working in their off-season, toiling on hands and knees through their grueling season, and by cleaning sub-standard systems, they made vast improvements in their home. Their turnaround is sweet. With a very successful regular season record of 13-3, over their dismal prior (4-12), mostly absent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Their current path... Full story

  • Seattle Seahawks beat Minnesota Vikings (?)

    Dave Tremblay|Updated Nov 26, 2019

    Football fans, the Seahawks are bringing Seattle’s best. With the Vikings’ tenacity, they will not be Minnesota nice. The December 2 Monday Night Football (MNF) could be very entertaining. These intraconference contenders are well-matched, with the score being: Seattle Seahawks ... 27 points Minnesota Vikings ... 20 points This is how this prediction came about. The 2013-2018 seasons for each team were analyzed. During these years, the Seahawks have been consistently win... Full story