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  • Ain’t got that swing

    Jim Cornelius, News Editor|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    Travel time on the road to a newspaper conference last week gave me more leisure than usual to run down the warren of rabbit holes that is political journalism c. 2020. It’s weird out there, as you have probably noticed. A couple of pieces caught my eye, one of which is simply a telling commentary on the American outlook: According to The Daily Beast, “Last year, more people (141 million) voted for their favorite videos on Pornhub than voted in the 2016 U.S. presidential ele... Full story

  • Longtime friends launch IT business

    Charlie Kanzig|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    As seniors in high school back in 2005-06, Harrison Womack and Chadbourne Lovegren both served as student interns for the now-well-known IEE (Integrated Environmental Expedition) program at Sisters High School. Working together to lead students, as well as adults, on a trip into the Three Sisters Wilderness and later on a rafting excursion on the Deschutes River, along with the daily work in the class, deepened their friendship and gave them a foundation of confidence that... Full story

  • Gassen keeps SPRD facility running smooth

    Sue Stafford|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    She began working at SPRD four years ago as a part-time building attendant and now works full-time overseeing the cleaning of the building, the landscaping around the building, plumbing issues and, perhaps most importantly, keeping the oil-fueled boilers operating properly. In her four years at SPRD, she has worked for four different executive directors and is really happy with how everything has turned out. “I’m proud of the employees and the organization as a whole for ris... Full story

  • Dustbowl Revival to return to Sisters

    Ceili Cornelius|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    Fan-favorite Dustbowl Revival will be returning to the Sisters stage on Friday, February 21 as the second installment of the Sisters Folk Festival Winter Concert Series. Dustbowl Revival has always been about pushing the boundaries of what American roots music can be. In many ways, they could have continued creating joyful, booty-shaking songs and cut-to-heart folk-rock ballads that lift up their transcendent live shows — and mining new energetic material from the place w... Full story

  • Healing and loving the land

    Jim Anderson, Correspondent|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    Several years ago, while conducting some fence lizard business at the Deschutes Land Trust’s Metolius Preserve, I ran into Amanda Egertson, the Land Trust’s stewardship director. She was conducting a restoration project on the preserve with a vigor I found remarkable, planting grass over and over and over, day after day. The Metoilus Preserve was once a picnic ground for the old Brooks-Scanlon Lumber firm in Bend. In that capacity the land was trampled and most of the native g... Full story

  • Sisters woman hits the court

    Sue Stafford|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    Pat Vandewater of Sisters recently returned to her Pine Meadow home from Orlando, Florida, after her Athletic Club of Bend women’s tennis team placed fifth in the United States Tennis Association National Championships, representing the Pacific Northwest region of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Vandewater started her competitive tennis career as a member of the Madison High School tennis team in Portland when they won the City championship. After school she put her tennis racq... Full story

  • Girls basketball continues to battle

    Rongi Yost, Correspondent|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    The Lady Outlaws lost both their match-ups this past week, but continue to work hard and are improving with each game. Sisters fell 38-62 on the road at Newport on Tuesday, February 4, and three days later lost 33-61 at home against Cascade. In Tuesday’s action, Sisters had a good first half against Newport. In the fourth quarter, the Outlaws really worked hard to cut down the lead. They played competitively and knocked down key shots that kept them within striking d... Full story

  • Outlaws suffer overtime heart-breaker

    Rongi Yost, Correspondent|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    The Outlaws started their week with a heartbreaking 50-56 loss in overtime at Newport on Tuesday, February 4. At home three days later they fell 27-42 to Cascade. In Tuesday’s overtime loss, the Outlaws started off strong. Sam Nicklous, Brogan Petterson, Nate Weber, and Connor Linn all hit three-point shots in the second quarter and at the half it was knotted up at 28-28. Both teams scored 14 points in each of the first two quarters. Newport went on a run in the third and w... Full story

  • Owning my wellness to love you more — a Valentine’s Day promise

    Audry Van Houweling, PMHNP|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    One could name a lot of reasons to be stressed these days. Putting aside personal concerns, simply turning on the news can raise anybody’s blood pressure. Much of our social economy thrives on fear-based messaging that adds to unease and uncertainty. Finances, family stress, job woes, academic pressure, stable housing, and social isolation are among many anxieties we might be facing. Feelings of overwhelm, worry, and pessimism can be hard to dodge. Even worse can be feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. When such negati... Full story

  • Bull by Bull

    Judy Bull|Updated Feb 12, 2020

    •?Fords have always been known for their excellent heaters, and my old Bronco and Ranger are no exception. However, good as their heaters are, they don’t even begin to compete with my friends’ cars which all have seat-warmers. There is just nothing to compare to being warmed from the bottom up. •?I’ve read that as one ages, it is important to engage one’s mind by doing puzzles, painting, learning new things, even learning a new language. I have chosen to teach myself how to write with my right hand. Though it is still barely... Full story

  • Letters to the Editor 02/12/2020

    Updated Feb 12, 2020

    The Hummel family would like to send a big and very overdue “Thank-You” to our amazing community of Sisters for all of the support we received during and long after the time when Rich was sick last fall! We are so blessed to live in such an amazing community with so much support! Beth Hummel To the Editor: I would like to thank the Sisters City Council for its decision to close Creekside Park to medium and large events starting in 2021. As a Locust Street homeowner and neighbor to the park and campground, I have seen fir... Full story

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