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  • Seed to Table offers free fall field trips

    Updated Sep 16, 2020

    Seed to Table Farm will host free fall field trips in the afternoons for youth in second through fifth grades. Starting Tuesday, September 22, people can sign up for free field trips from 1 to 4 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday. Seed to Table is committed to ensuring students get their hands in the dirt and have opportunities for experiential learning during these difficult times. The fall field trips offer exploration opportunities with the safety of the community as a top priority. “We are excited to host small groups (no m... Full story

  • Keeping a promise

    Edie Jones|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    In the August 26 issue of The Nugget we learned about a promise that has been granted to Sisters. A promise that will change the lives of 3- and 4-year-olds living in our school district. However, it is a promise that can’t be kept while schools are mandated to keep their doors closed. That promise is money that has been awarded to the Sisters School District to provide 18 preschool spots to families that apply and qualify. Preschool Promise, awarded through the Oregon Department of Education Early Learning Division, is desig... Full story

  • Little Three Creek Lake is a nice family hike

    Craig Eisenbeis|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    Last week, we had planned to hike on the west side of McKenzie Pass, but since all the roads were closed due to the fires, we had to come up with a different plan. My hiking buddy, who was already sheltering at our place due to Camp Sherman’s uncertain fire evacuation status, suggested we keep it simple with a short hike to Little Three Creek Lake. Off we went. This is a great little hike for a spur-of-the-moment outing. Also, this trail might be a good choice for your v... Full story

  • Gratitude is critical to well-being

    Mitchell L. Luftig, Ph.D.|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    During challenging times it is helpful to remind ourselves that we still have reasons to be grateful. But many of us — even in the best of circumstances — find it difficult to sustain a feeling of gratitude. There are important reasons to raise your gratitude I.Q. Grateful people experience: • Increased happiness and positive mood. • More satisfaction with life. • Less materialism. • Less burnout. • Better physical health. • Better sleep. • Less fatigue. • Lower levels of... Full story

  • Discovering a hidden gem

    Lawrence Stoller|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    My friend Gary and I have been exploring the wilderness of our Three Sisters Cascade range for years. The other day we started at a trailhead in an area we are generally familiar with. After a short time following the trail, we spontaneously veered off into the underbrush in a direction that we never explored, letting curiosity be our compass. This kind of adventuring combines the elements of wonder, surprise, and uncertainty with a hefty dose of hardship and potential... Full story

  • Unfathomable losses across our beloved state

    Carol Statton|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    Unfathomable. That is the word that continues to describe all that has and is happening within our beloved state. As I continue to read updates and pray for all who have been affected by the fires, I think back to my own special places. Many of us have created important memories and rituals in the areas affected; areas that also contained unique and beloved businesses and communities that became a part of us. So many lives have been affected and there has never been a more necessary time to respond. How many of us here on... Full story

  • Challenging confirmation bias

    Audry Van Houweling, PMHNP|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    After my years working in mental health, I have come to recognize that people tend to find what they are looking for. It is the conscious and subconscious quest to validate our worldviews, justify our positions, and hold on to our territory that can be both transforming and very limiting. Multiple people can have the same experience and have vastly different interpretations and reactions. Most of us want to believe our interpretation is valid and therefore, tend to side with information that reinforces our mindset regardless... Full story

  • Modified ‘seasons’ for SHS athletes

    Charlie Kanzig|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    Outlaws athletes are going to be able to get in some modified sports activities this fall. In the topsy-turvy world of COVID-19, guidelines and rules are ever-changing. High-school athletics have been subject to constant flux since March. When schools first shut down last spring, hope remained that they would reopen before the end of the year and spring sports would be allowed to complete a truncated season. That dream didn’t pan out and high school athletes were left to fend for themselves when it came to staying active. Sum... Full story

  • Raffle will support market, fire relief

    Caroline Hager, Sisters Farmers Market Manager|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    The Sisters Farmers Market is hosting a Fundraising Raffle for COVID-19 expenses and Oregon Wildfire Relief funds, featuring three large prizes with values totaling nearly $3,000. Prizes consist of: • A 2021 large Seed to Table produce share or $800 gift certificate to the Seed to Table booth at Sisters Farmers Market. • Private tour and dinner for four on Seed to Table Farm prepared by a local chef. • Grand prize basket filled with nearly $850 worth of goods... Full story

  • Sisters School District at a glance

    Charlie Kanzig|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    • Sisters Education Association (union) President Michele Hammer thanked the school board and Superintendent Curt Scholl for working cooperatively with the teaching staff on solving issues related to working conditions during COVID-19. Hammer also expressed how much the teaching staff looks forward to being back, doing in-person instruction. • Teachers are largely working from the school buildings this year during the distance-learning phase as opposed to from home as they did last spring. • Beginning fund... Full story

  • Sisters Vision Team seek new members

    Janel Ruehl|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    The Sisters Country Vision Implementation Team (VIT) is a collaborative group of community members, representing a variety of local organizations, who are working together to bring the 2018 Sisters Country Vision to life. Over the past year, the team members have begun work on all 20 Vision Strategies. Now starting their second year together, the team members are excited to launch a new progress dashboard at and welcome a new staff person, Emme Shoup from the RARE Americorps program. The VIT is also... Full story

  • Bull by Bull - 9/16/2020

    Judy Bull|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    • I got lost in Sisters the other day, after living here for over 34 years. When I needed to return from where I’d just come, my plan was to hang a U-turn on Brooks Camp Road, knowing it was a dead end. Not only is Brooks Camp Road now a through street, I was met by huge apartment buildings and houses on both sides of the street. McDonald’s Golden Arches ahead was the only thing I recognized. • It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall in Cloverdale. The acrid smell of hemp fields and the smoke from wildfires perme... Full story

  • Letters to the Editor - 9/16/20

    Updated Sep 16, 2020

    To the Editor: Last week Bill Kemp asked those readers of The Nugget, that are also supporters of Trump, “What would it take for them to abandon their support of him?” My immediate response to that question is: What is my choice? I refuse to have to flip a coin between two basic idiots to decide which one gets my vote. I also refuse to make that decision based on the lesser of two evils; in my opinion all politicians are evil so I’ll vote for the guy that after four years still does not qualify as a politician, let alone a me... Full story

  • Smoke created dire air quality locally

    Reecy Pontiff|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    The hazardous air quality in Sisters — and much of the western U.S. — over the past week has been apparent from the permanent haze across town. When the Air Quality Index (AQI) is rated as hazardous or unhealthy, “everybody should be staying indoors as much as possible” said Laura Gleim, spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. “Folks that are at the most risk are people who are over 65, young children, and people with heart and lung condi... Full story

  • Sisters Woodlands wins first approval

    Sue Stafford|Updated Sep 16, 2020

    The first step in the long process of developing the middle section of the Forest Service property has been taken. On Thursday, the Sisters Planning Commission approved — with conditions — a request by developers for a rezone from Public Facilities to Multi-Family Residential. Five commissioners voted in favor and one abstained. The area is now called Sisters Woodlands. There are no development plans yet, although the applicants and their representatives offered so... Full story